History Of MAG:

Our names are Luke & Chris and we love playing, reviewing and doing all sorts of things (non-sexual) with video games. Its that and our great interest in technology that drives us to do what we do, it was this that inspired us to start our own Youtube Channel ‘MadAssGamers’ together back in 2009. Over time the community of the channel began to grow and within a couple of months we received Youtube Partnership. Since then our channel has continued to grow and we’ve started our own website. The ‘MAG’ Community is growing daily and we simply just love doing what we do. Keep in mind none of this could have been done without our loyal followers and supporters.

Our goal at this point in time is to keep bringing all the latest gaming & tech news to the world as well as making awesome videos on our channel. Thanks again to everyone who has helped/ supported us over the years and can’t wait to see what the future holds as ‘MAG’ continues to grow…

Thanks, MadAssGamers (Luke & Chris)


Current MAG People:

  • Chris & Luke – Founders/ Creators/ Owners
  • Dom (ShurikenArts)  - Designs/ Creates Intros Etc. (Freaking Awesome Call Of Duty Editor)



You may not realize but it takes a lot of hard work and money to run and maintain a website. Any support is always appreciated all funds received will be put into the channel & website and used for new equipment etc. 


If not you can always follow us on Twitter & Facebook….

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