12 Ways Infinity Ward Can Keep Call of Duty: Ghosts New & Fresh


In celebration of Infinity Ward officially announcing the next instalment to the Call of Duty franchise (Call of Duty: Ghosts) we’ve put together a list of 12 ways that we believe Infinity Ward should consider to include if they want to keep fans engaged with the franchise. Tweet to us on Twitter or write to us on Facebook with your thoughts on the topics discussed below and we’ll post them here, on this page.

“We saw the console transition as the perfect opportunity to start a new chapter for Call of Duty. So we’re building a new sub-brand, a new engine, and a lot of new ideas and experiences for our players. We can’t wait to share them with our community. Infinity Ward is going all-in to create the next generation of Call of Duty worthy of the world’s greatest fans.”

- Mark Rubin, Executive Producer at Infinity Ward.


1: A Story That Isn’t About Nuclear Weapons & With A Un-Forgettable Twist

The plot for most of the Call of Duty games released in the past 10 years have either directly or in some way involved nuclear warfare. If Call of Duty: Ghosts is all about “new ideas and experiences” then developers should definitely think of some new type of deadly weapon or attack that players will feel threatened by – other than a nuke.

The storyline Call of Duty games need to have better endings, look at Bioshock Infinite for an example. We want an ending that will be un-forgettable and will make us re-think how we played certain parts of the game.


2: Destructible Environments

Will Infinity Ward decide to include destructible environments in Call of Duty: Ghosts just like Battlefield 3? Being able to blow apart and breakdown walls & structures with grenades & certain weapons, would be pretty dam awesome and would certainly add to the multiplayer experience.

3: Vehicular Warfare?

Treyarch experimented with Vehicles in Call of Duty: World at War’s Multiplayer, however it hasn’t been done since. Could Infinity Ward be thinking of bringing back vehicles (e.g. tanks, jeeps or even helicopters) to Call of Duty? Many would argue that the presence of vehicles is what sets apart Call of Duty from Battlefield & vehicles in Call of Duty…. just wouldn’t feel right. To compromise with fans developers could add vehicles to the game, expect they wouldn’t be available in all game modes.

Reader Response to: Would you like to see Vehicles in the next Call of Duty’s Multiplayer?



4: Dedicated Servers All Round

Is it time consoles got dedicated servers? After doing some research on Call of Duty related forums it would seem as if they community was split in opinion on weather they thought consoles should get dedicated servers. Some agree that it would help reduce those annoying lag issues, others disagree. Let us know your thoughts….?


5: A Co-Op Mode Better Than Treyarch’s Zombie Mode!

Could it be even possible, for Infinity Ward to introduce some sort of brand new, co-op hoard mode that would be just as good of an experience as Treyarch’s Zombie mode? We saw the introduction of the ‘Survival Spec Ops’ mode in Modern Warfare 3, what will Call of Duty: Ghosts have to offer? Hopefully Infinity Ward will think long and hard about this and create something that’s fun and awesome!


6: Stronger Emphasis On Character Development

We want more characters in the game that we can come to love and loathe. Those few occasions in the past when Call of Duty games have focused on character development we’ve seen characters like Captain Price and Raul Menendez evolve.



7: New Gameplay Mechanics

It’s time we got new ways to play the game. Back in March a YouTube user known as Drift0r claimed to have had information on the next Call of Duty game from a “very legitimate” source. He claimed that Ghosts will change player movement, allowing them to dash and slide while shooting, peek around corners & roll side-to-side while prone. Hopefully it’s true, for it does sound pretty cool.


8: Customizable Characters

Honestly I wouldn’t care one bit if there was an option in the next Call of Duty to completely customize your multiplayer character for it just feels like a complete waste of time. However this could be something Infinity Ward are planning on adding.

 Reader Response to: Would you like the ability to customize you character in the next Call of Duty’s Multiplayer?


9: No More Host Migration

Host migration can be pretty dam annoying, especially when the game spends ages migrating the host, only to end up kicking you from the game. A plea from gamers to Infinity Ward if you could find another way to handle host migration that does what it’s suppose to do and doesn’t disrupt the game – that would be great!


10: Remove Those Invisible Barriers

Make environments more open and more rewarding to explore by removing those invisible barriers that stop you in your tracks by taking even the slightest adjustment off-course from the missions objective. Allow players to explore extra rooms within buildings not just the ones that lead into the main objective – give the players more freedom.


11: Something Awesome For The Next-Gen

Infinity Ward should inter-grate something into the game that can only be done using a next-gen console – features that would make use of the full potential that the next-gen consoles have to offer.


12: Please No More Xbox Exclusivity

Probably all Xbox 360 users would disagree, but as a PlayStation 3 user I must admit I’m not enjoying this deal Activision has with Microsoft. Having to wait a whole month to play DLC is just painful, it wouldn’t be as bad if the wait was only a week or two but a whole month after the Xbox 360 gets it – just not fair. It also ruins the experience in some cases, especially for zombie maps as its almost impossible to not accidentley read or hear something online that spoils certain features of the new map. So when it’s time for PlayStation 3 users to get their hands on the map and explore it for the first time, its almost all old news.



We’ll be seeing more of Call of Duty: Ghosts revealed at Microsoft’s upcoming Next-Gen Xbox reveal event, which is on the 21st May 2013. Want YOUR opinion heard? Tweet to us on Twitter or write to us on Facebook with your thoughts and we’ll post them here, on this page.

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