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By admin, July 31, 2012 0 Latest News, Microsoft

Xbox 720 Development Kit Photos have been released on the internet when someone was trying to sell the system for $10 000….

By admin, July 27, 2012 0 Latest News, Microsoft, Sony, Windows

With Gamescom 2012 just around the corner, a lot of rumours have spread suggesting that we will see a Black Ops 2 multiplayer reveal at the event. The rumours began with Treyarch worker David Vonderhaar teased the following image on his Facebook… Read More »

By admin, July 24, 2012 0 Apple, Latest News

Earlier today Apple released their earnings results to press for Q3 2012, in which Apple CEO Time Cook announced that OS X Mountain Lion will be officially launching tomorrow. Mountain Lion will be priced at $19.99US and will be available via… Read More »

By admin, July 20, 2012 0 Latest News

BREAKING: An audience in a Colorado movie theatre has been sprayed by gun fire after a man that was said to be heavily armoured with a bullet-proof vest & shotgun barged into the theatre during an early morning screening of the newly released ‘The… Read More »

By admin, July 14, 2012 0 Latest News, Sony

A new report has come out suggesting that Sony has been in development of a ‘even slimmer’ model of the current Playstation3 console. The source of this information has come from a Brazilian tech website ‘tecnoblog’ which claims the model will be… Read More »