8 Things You Should Expect To See At Microsoft’s Next-Gen Reveal


Microsoft has finally announced the date they’ll be officially announcing their next-gen console as well as any other entertainment products to the public. Here we’ve put together a list of 8 things we believe you should expect to see and/or hear about at the event. Lets us know your thoughts in the comment section below…

“On that day, we’ll share our vision for Xbox, and give you a real taste of the future. Then, 19 days later at the Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3) in Los Angeles, we’ll continue the conversation and showcase our full lineup of blockbuster games”

-Xbox’s community guru Larry “Major Nelson” Hryb.


1: The Next-Gen Console Itself

Microsoft will be providing insight on the consoles new features and internal specifications but what about the physical design? Will we only see Microsoft talk about how great the next Xbox looks or will we actually get to see what it looks like? Xbox analyst Michael Pachter believes we’ll get an event similar to Sony’s, except this time we’ll get to see the console itself.

“I’m sure we will get the same thing we got at the Sony event, but we’ll probably see an actual box at this one,”

If the console doesn’t end up being shown at the May 21 event it’s more than likely that Microsoft are saving it to show off at their annual E3 press conference.


2: What’s It Called?

There have been many discussions circulating in regards to what the next Xbox console will be called, will it be Xbox 8, The New Xbox, Xbox 720 or Xbox Infinity? The Simply answer to this is – we don’t know as of yet & we probably won’t know until Microsoft announces it at the event, unless of course a major leak happens between now and the event spilling the name of the console to the public. All we can do for now is guess…


 3: A Definite Answer – Always Online Connection?

The most con-traversal rumour surrounding the new Xbox console is weather or not it will be ‘always online’ if so, this would mean gamers would need a constant internet connection to perform any sort of task on the console. With the amount of trouble this rumour has caused, I’m sure that giving fans a definite answer to clear the air will be one of Microsoft’s top priorities.  Some would say that this ‘always online’ debate has already caused Microsoft some bad publicity mainly because of the words from the so-called Microsoft spokesman, Adam Orth. Adam decided to take to twitter and share his thoughts on the “always on” Xbox rumour, for he was sick of people complaining about it so he decided to take to twitter and tell fans to “deal with it”.


Most of you all would probably remember the launches of Diablo III & SimCity and how impossible it was for players to play they game when they both launched with the ‘always online’ feature, could you imagine the frustration if a similar thing happened to the the new Xbox on launch day?


4: Next-Gen Games

Don’t expect Microsoft to spend a lot of the time talking about new games for their new console. Larry ‘Major Nelson’ Hryb, has confirmed that at E3 this year they’ll be showcasing their “full lineup of blockbuster games”, while the May 21st event will focus on “our vision for Xbox”. We highly doubt that there won’t be any talk of games, but it does seem like they’re not going to be the whole focus of the event. We expect that there will be a few game announcements along with short gameplay videos or teaser trailers, with the majority of the event focuses on the hardware, services and partnerships.

We’ve gone ahead and made a list of all the Confirmed, Un-Announced & Rumoured Xbox720 Game Titles. So if you’d like to read about the the Next-Gen Xbox720 Games check out the article here.


5: Kinect Sensor 2.0

We’ve already seen a few leaked documents hinting that Microsoft is working on a new Kinect Sensor known as ‘Kinect 2.0′ with a upgraded camera and motion tracking features so its more than likely were hear some form of talk regarding the future of Kinect and motion games.


 6: What About A New Controller?

The Xbox360 controller was a huge advancement over the original Xbox controller but will the same thing happen this time round with the new Xbox 720? Would Microsoft be eager to change a controller that already works so well? Although with Sony making the move to include touchpads, improved analogue sticks, motion tracking, light bars and a new ‘share’ button with their new PlayStation 4 controller, it just goes to show how much potential the current Xbox360 controller has to improve.



7: Hints At A Release Date

At the PlayStation 4 event Sony announced a broad release date of “Holiday 2013″. Microsoft will also most likely announce a similar time frame for the release of their new console, to keep the compeition alive between them and Sony. We’ve seen rumours and leaks suggesting that the console will launch later this year sometime in November although nothing has yet been confirmed.


8: Female Presenters

“I also expect that there will be at least one woman involved in the presentation ;-)” joked Pachter in reference to the complete lack of woman at Sony’s PlayStation 4 event.



So many questions but not enough of answers…. yet. Until the event actually happens all we can do now is speculate.

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    • The Truth

      Don’t worry people, this dumb Russian N4Gtart will soon be displayed on 4Chane with all her personal details, like all the other Sony employees parasiting the internet.

  • Russell Gorall

    Playstation is heading into the next generation with the same strong vision for gamers that Xbox had at the beginning of this one.

    This conference will have to do a lot of damage control.

    The automatic inclusion of Kinect 2 is troubling, likely adding at least a hundred dollars for a bundle that most core gamers don’t want.

  • Michael White

    You know, the Playstation3 has the same issues like the Xbox360 and there is nothing wrong with the Xbox360. Every new gamesystem that comes out, everybody is going to wonder why that PlayStation3 is so great. Well, it isn`t. The Playstation3 is not that great really at all. I really wish that Playstation just step aside and let the Xbox720 to show what they can do for the new game system.