Black Ops 2 ‘Uprising’ DLC Leaked Via Promotional Poster


Update #2:

Activision has now officially confirmed the Map Pack and have released a preview trailer, check it out below…

Update #1:

Another leaked image of the DLC pack has also hit the interwebs overnight, further more confirming the packs existence.



Original Story:

The New Black Ops 2 ‘Uprising’ DLC map pack has been leaked via a promotional poster, as we can see from the poster below the map pack is set to contain…

4 New Multiplayer Maps:

  • Vertigo
  • Encore
  • Magma
  • Studio

1 Brand New Zombie Map:

  • Mob of the Dead

The poster also states that the DLC pack will be out first on Xbox Live on April 16th, we can most likely expect the pack to be available one month later on the PlayStation 3 & PC. Keep it mind at this point in time, the DLC pack has not yer been confirmed by Activision, we’ll be sure to update you if it does.



Does the sign behind the zombie in the ‘Mob of the Dead’ image on the poster look familiar? Do you think it looks like the sign at Alcatraz jail in San Francisco, USA? Rumour has it that the new ‘Mob of the Dead’ zombie map will be set at Alcatraz – in the jail itself.


What are your thoughts? leave them down below in comment section…


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    Nice :D

  • Bw Busa

    The last dcl was on a Tuesday most updates come that day so I bet it’s a fake

  • Hawk9326

    April 16th IS a Tuesday….and looks like “Mob of the Dead” may be a ripoff of The Walking Dead…..