Destiny’s Playable Classes & Races Revealed


Developer Bungie has revealed more info on the different races & classes you’ll be  able to play as in their upcoming  MMO shooter. EuroGamer reports that Destiny will feature three different races, and they are the…

Humans: They live in Earth’s last city under the protection of the Traveller, which is the giant alien sphere you’ve most likely seen hanging in the sky in much of Destiny’s concept art. Here’s a picture of a typical human character:


Awoken: They were designed at Bungie with vampires & elves in mind. They’re said to be both beautiful and mysterious. Below is a picture of an ‘Awoken’ character:


Exo: They are described as ‘war machines’, and were designed by looking at undead characters and awesomely, The Terminator. Below is a picture of a typical ‘Exo’ character:



After picking a race you can also tweak your characters hair, make-up, accessories and tattoos. Apart from the three different races, the game will also allow you to choose from one of three different fighting styles & they are the…

  • Titans –  Known as ‘future soliders’ and they are gun-heavy tanks
  • Hunters – Type of  ‘bounty hunter’ they wear cloth and cloaks and come with a “cool, collected” feel
  • Warlocks – They are described as ‘space wizards with guns’

As you’d expect each fighting style will have it’s own unique abilities.


Source: EuroGamer



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