PS4: All the Confirmed & Un-Announced Games


PS4 Confirmed Games

  • Assassins Creed IV: Black Flag – Ubisoft Montreal
  • Deep Down – Capcom
  • Destiny – Bungie
  • Diablo III – Blizzard Entertainment
  • DriveClub – Evolution Studio’s
  • Final Fantasy – Square Enix
  • Infamous: Second Son – Sucker Punch
  • Killzone: Shadow Fall – Guerrilla Games
  • Sniper Elite 3 – 505 Games
  • Star Wars 1313 – LucasArts
  • Knack – Studio’s Japan
  • Watch Dogs – Ubisoft Montreal
  • The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt – CD Projekt RED
  • The Witness – Thekla Inc.

PS4 – Confirmed Games Video Montage


PS4 Un-Announced Games:

  • Jason West and Vince Zampella former Infinity Ward heads who went on to form Respawn Entertainment are said to be working on a Sci-Fi Shooter.
  • Team Bondi is working on a new game set in Shanghai during 1936 known as ‘Whore of the Orient’. Looking at their previous game ‘L.A Noire’ we can assume there’s gonna be a lot of drug trading and organised crime
  • Former Infinity Ward Community Manager – Robert Bowling has his studio Robotki working on ‘Human Element’ which is set to be released sometime in 2015. The game takes place 35 years after a zombie apocalypse when your main objective is…. well is to survive. Human Element is planned for a 2015 release
  • DICE is set to be working on ‘Mirrors Edge 2′ which will most likely be out on next-gen systems.
  • Id Software has said they will begin work on the ‘Rage’ Sequel – ‘Rage 2′ once Doom 4 is out – which sadly still does not have a release date so don’t expect Rage 2 out any time soon.
  • Naughty Dog is working on a secret Project specifically for the PS4 which could Possibly be Uncharted 4.
  • With Grand Theft Auto V delayed it’s possible it’ll also be released on next-gen consoles.
  • Turtle Rock Studios – Creators of Left 4 Dead are working on a ‘co-op multiplayer’ FPS powered by Crytek’s CryEngine 3.
  • Just Cause Developers at Avalanche Studio is working with Square Enix on a “groundbreaking” open world title.
  • Guerrilla studios has confirmed they are working on two new projects – ‘Killzone 4′ and another unannounced game which we know nothing of… yet.
  • THQ’s former Volition, Relic and Crytek UK studios are supposedly working on  ’Homefront 2′ and ‘Company of Heros 2′  after bankruptcy files from the company were leaked.
  • DICE is Developing ‘Battlefield 4 which we will see revealed on March 26th at the Game Developers Conference (GDC).
  • With Treyarch developing last years Black Ops 2, this year it’s Infinity Ward & Sledgehammer Games turn to develop the next Call of Duty game – Call of Duty 10. A job listing on its site calling for a senior animator “with experience in game development and an interest in working with next-generation technologies.”
  • Beyond: Two Souls – another PlayStation exclusive announced by Sony last year at E3. The game does not yet have a release date so I think its safe to say it’ll most likely be a launch title for the PlayStation4 later this year.
  • Quantic Dream is working on a game known as ‘Singularity’ that is believed to be for the PS4 seeing as Sony registered the domain “Singularityps4 . com”
  • Yager, the studio that brought us Spec Ops: The Line has confirmed they are working on a AAA title for next-gen consoles, it will run on the Unreal Engine 4 & is set to be revealed in the coming months
  • Warhorse studio is currently working on an un-announced medieval RPG game. Its is being developed using a modified version of CryEngine3.
  • Sega is said to be working on a next-gen Sonic game.
  • The developers of the God of War PSP games are developing “an exciting new AAA IP for a Next-Generation home console game system.”
  • Bethesda has posted a job listing on their that calling for “experienced programmers to work on cutting-edge technology for an unannounced game on future-generation consoles.”


Here’s a list of the all Developers developing games for the PlayStation 4.




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  • rubygold

    Beyond: Two Souls has a confirmed release date. Whether on PS4 or not, that’s unknown.

    • M

      Thats a PS3 only game