AverMedia Game Capture HD PVR

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Can Record straght to USB so doesnt need to connect to a computer

Plain design

There is nothing better than playing an awesome game or match and recording it for future playback. The Avermedia Game capture HD is a fairly new HD PVR on the market with a cheap and reliable price of $150. One of the main features of this PVR is the ability of recording your gameplay with no PC. This is great if your gaming console is located somewhere that is out of reach to a computer. To record you just connect and USB thumb stick or a external HDD and record straight to it rather than connecting it up to your computer. Or you can insert a Internal HDD on the bottom of the device. The other feature of real-time mode is great to record your HD games with no input lag, whilst other PVR might have this problem. Straight from you box it includes all the cables you need to setup and record straight away. It includes: a user manual, power adapter, universal component cable for Xbox,Ps3 and Wii, component cables, Remote control, batteries, RCA audio cables and the PVR itself.


The Avermedia Game Capture HD is a box shaped device with a USB input, record and power button on the front. On the back it has the component input and output which you connect to your TV and to your game console, and a power input.


Setup it really straight forth. You first get the universal component cable and plug it into the input which is on the bottom and labelled “Game”. Next you plug the component and audio cables into the output which is labelled “TV” and plug them into the back of your TV in the component spot. Then get the input universal component cable and connect it to the back of either your Xbox, Ps3 or Wii. Now just hook it up to the power. For PS3 set the video output to component and check the resolution as 720p and 1080i. For Xbox set the resolution as 1080i in the HDTV settings. To record you can either use a USB or external hard drive. Whatever one you choice you just need to plug it into the USB input on the front of the device and click record.


The menu includes 3 options. Recordings and Snapshots, File Management and settings. In Recordings and Snapshots you can view all the video and image files you have recorded and watch them back. It displays all the information about the file include the file size, duration and quality. File Management allows you to transfer and delete unwanted files. In setting it allows you to choice which quality you want to record and take screenshots in. You can change this if you are running low on space but I would recommend to keep it on optimal for the best and clearest recordings.

Video Quality

The video quality on the Avermedia game capture HD is very clear for a cheaper PVR on the market. The recorded files use a H.264 and MP3 Codec which makes the video quality nice and clear and also it reduces the file size. It records in AVI which is awesome but one down fall for recording in AVI is that some Video editing software like Sony Vegas doesn’t recognise it but this can be fixed by downloading a plug-in for the software. One mistake I had when I set it up on ps3 I only selected the 1080i resolution. This caused games which only support 720p to automatically record in 480i.To stop this set both 1080i and 720p as video output resolution. Other than that recording was very simple. The two modes of Standard Mode and Real-Time Mode allow you to record with no input lag at all. To activate this just press the button on the top right of the remote. Standard Mode allows you to use the menu features when playing but it causes a 0.1 of a second of lag. Real-time mode disables all options so you don’t get any lag. Real-time mode is the best in my opinion because it allows you to play the game how it should be with no lag.


This PVR is a great, cheap and reliable PVR on the market and I would recommend it to people who are starting to do YouTube commentaries and walkthroughs and want to upload HD gameplay. I loved the ability to record straight to a USB thumb drive instead of connecting to a computer because it allows you to be more flexible when recording when you’re out of town or no close to a computer. I would defiantly recommend this HD PVR for people who want to record gameplay on a budget so go pick one up from Avermedia’s site for only $150.




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