Ghost Recon: Future Soldier

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Campaign: 9/10
Multiplayer: 9/10
Presentation: 8/10

Fun, Epic | Loads Of Content

Minor Flaws, Jerky Graphics

Ghost Recon: Future Soldier – Video Review

Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon: Future Solider’s 2011 E3 trailer left most fans speechless, unable to comprehend the shear awesomeness before them. Not long after they were once again left speechless when they were shown the games Kinect features when customizing weapons in the load out menu. From then on expectations were set high for Future Solider & now after a long wait gamers all around the world are able to get their hands on the game for the PlayStation 3, Xbox360 & PC. We’ve been playing around with the game ourselves & here’s what we think of it. So sit back, relax and maybe heat up some popcorn while your at it.

Ghost Recon: Future Solider comes packed in with a campaign, multiplayer and co-op mode. Firstly let’s talk about the games campaign. The story line doesn’t really bring anything new to the table & isn’t amazingly mind blowing either. I won’t go onto spoiling anything but basically a ghost team is killed in action while on a mission by a terrorist bomb, you are then set out to find who did it and well eliminate them, ghost style. Future Solider is a very team orientated game, if you and your team mates don’t work together your gonna find things a little more difficult. You can tackle the campaign either with a friend in co-op or solo. Plaything through solo will place you alongside 3 other AI ghost members. Whats great about these AI bots is that they don’t ever get in your way, or your not always having to tell them where to go and what to do. Before each mission a screen appears where you can check out all the details covering Intel, player stats and briefing videos. What was cool is that before each mission you can change your entire load out. So you can choose your weapons and equipment for that particular mission. The variety of environments in the campaign was amazing, although just like the storyline the graphics in the game werent breath taking unlike some of the other modern shooter games but don’t get me wrong the game wasn’t bad looking. also There are some awesome moments with the camera where it would duck and shake when your pinned down by gunfire or there is some heavy artillery going off.

Another thing I like in Future Solider was the control scheme, the controls were easy to get use to and very responsive. They way the controls were planned out over the controller was just great. The gameplay itself was awesome. Some missions your enemies would have to be taken out silently & some well not so silently giving a good variety of gameplay situations, I also really enjoyed the the cool cover swap system, the sync shooting and the ability to have 2 different types of zooms but most of all the futuristic high tech gadgets these ranged from from unmanned drones, active camouflage to armed walking robots. Some missions your given the choice on how to play them out you can choose weather to observe from the air in a drone marking targets for your ghost squad or put your self on the ground right in the middle of the fight. Overall the games campaign was a tonne of fun that featured some pretty epic moments, shooting felt natural and even with all the futuristic weapons and equipment it all felt quite realistic.

Once you’ve beaten the campaign head over to the multiplayer. The amount of customization is absolutely amazing. as can in the games armoury with just a swipe of your end the entire weapons will break apart into little pieces allowing you to inspect and customize each part ranging from the type of scope, trigger and barrel. When pulling weapons apart in the armory even all the tiny nuts and bolts come apart which I thought was awesome. Just like the campaign the multiplayer is also very tactical based, it features 5 different game modes, and a classed based progressions or level up system. the available maps in multiplayer are not amazing but each does serve with its own environmental feel. Finally if you’ve done the campaign, unlocked every weapon and the multiplayer and still want more? don’t worry Ubisoft has you covered, with the games guerilla mode. Here you can team up with some mates complete objectives, protect bases and fight of enemies as waves get hard and harder.

There were a few nifty features I took note of while playing such as during missions large text would be displayed in the air sometimes telling you your location or where to next. Also I can tell the developers spent a lot of time developing the way the team works together. this was shown in few things for example even how hey open garage doors. Yes the game did have quite a few minor problems but I’m sure it will satisfy most gamers quite well With its well executed campaign, fun multiplayer and a nifty little guerilla mode. Overall I really enjoyed Ghost Recon: Future Solider.







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