Max Payne 3

10 Overall Score
Story: 10/10
Multiplayer: 9/10
Presentation: 10/10

Engaging Story, Superb Acting & Great Fun

To be honest I’d never played a Max Payne game before this nor have I taken any notice of them, and sadly I’m beginning to regret this. Before I even go on I’m gonna say that Max Payne 3 is amazing & by far one of the best games I’d ever played. What I really enjoyed was the story which I believe was made great from the superb acting and personalities of each of the characters.

Max Payne 3 offers 3 different gameplay modes; story, arcade and multiplayer. The story mode or campaign of the game is truly the star of the show, there was never a time I didn’t feel engaged with the game every shootout feels important & not like your wasting your time. The story is perfectly written with twists you wouldn’t quite expect. In Max Payne 3 you take the role of security for a very wealthy family in Sal Palo. Things start to go from bad to worse when the man your trying to protect and his wife are kidnapped from you. The campaign will take you through numerous breath-taking environments with an enormous amount of detail. During the campaign you also play through some flashback scenes that help explain and piece some aspects of the story together. Some might see cut scenes as to intrusive in Max Payne 3 but personally I didn’t at all. It was awesome they way Rockstar integrated the cut scenes into the gameplay with short transitions keeping everything smooth and flowing.

The famous bullet time returns in Max Payne 3 that allows Max to slow-mo leap into the air giving himself enough time to take out a large group of enemies. A new cover system was also implemented into the game allowing you to take cover behind any object you can find then poping up over the sides or top to blow some heads off. Another small feature I enjoyed was that at the end of each encounter with a large group of enemies, a sort of ‘bullet cam’ would occur where the final bullet would be shown flying through the air in slow-mo towards the last enemy. In this bullet cam once the first bullet had hit the target you were free to keep on shooting him for as long as you like, a small feature but a good amount of fun to be had with it. What made it even better was the games gore, I actually enjoyed seeing my enemies blood splatter all over my screen. Just like the amount of detail put into the game, the graphics wont disappoint also The controls in the game are fast and responsive and shooting feels natural. In the end the storyline and cinematic experience of Max Payne 3 was what really pulled me into the game and kept me engaged. The characters had a great mix of personalty, serious, down the earth but also managed to add in the humour every now and again.

The multiplayer in Max Payne 3 is tonnes of fun with controls slightly different to what were usually use to in a shooter game, it took me that round or two to get use to. Multiplayer features the standard death match and team death match modes but also the exciting new game mode – gang wars. you play 4 rounds per game with different objectives in each round. Each round you aim to complete your given objective but also to rack up your point score. for when it comes down to the round 5 teams will battle it out in a standard team death-match mode to take out the winning title. Max Payne 3 multiplayer also features a level up and unlock system like we’ve seen before in past shooters. The maps available in multiplayer are great but personally I feel a little more time could have been spent on the detail in the maps. Just like in the campaign, bullet time also makes a return in multiplayer allowing your character to cinematic-ally dive through the air in slow mo taking out bad guys. Like I mentioned earlier I’m completely new to Max Payne and for me the multiplayer was great fun especially when your playing alongside or against your mates. The multiplayer also acts as incentive to keep playing the game once you’ve done everything you can in the campaign.

Finally the arcade mode, not a major part of the game but still worth mentioning. provides numerous score challenges & speed runs to keep you entertained after the campaign In Max Payne 3 Rockstar has succeeded in getting the little things right. I found myself replying the game numerous times trying to find small things I could pick on to lower its end score but i just couldn’t. Whatever you’ve dreamed of to be in a great shooter its here in Max Payne 3 and if you haven’t got your copy yet. WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU WAITING FOR!

With its well scripted, epic campaign with 10-12 hours worth of gameplay the campaign will provide enough incentive to go back and try completing it on harder difficulties or finding all collectible items. Along with the well executed multiplayer Max Payne 3 will satisfy any gamerm, I can assure you all that no Max Payne games will go unnoticed with me again.



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