Sennheiser u320 Multi Platform Gaming Headset Review

xl_Sennheiser U 320
8 Overall Score
Design: 8/10
Sound: 8/10
Microphone: 9/10

Sennheiser u320 Multi Platform Gaming Headset

The Sennheiser u320 is an awesome new gaming headset on the market for PC, PS3 and Xbox although it is quite expensive it makes it up with the sound quality and the microphone.  With this headset you should be able to go long session on your favourite games without your ears starting to hurt.


The over the head design is great for all your long hour gaming sessions. Its foam cushioning ear cups are designed to go over your ear in the right position to make the experience of wearing headphones a lot better.  I have been using these for the past couple of weeks and never did it irritate my ears when using it for long hours. The Sennheiser u320 is all USB powered and doesn’t require a 3.5mm port. Included In the box you get a cable to connect the headset to your Playstation 3 and Xbox by using the RCA cables and a cable to connect it to your Xbox for online chat. To connect these cables you just need to plug the cable into a port on the USB device. With the long 4 meter cord you can still game on your couch without having to get closer to the TV. Connected on the cord is a switch control which allows you to turn up the game and chat volume as well as being able to turn bass booster on and off.  The Sennheiser has a great design overall with the placement of the ear cups and the soft foam cushioning on the ear cups and the head piece and the … allows easy use to options.

Sound and Microphone

The microphone on the u320 is one of the best microphones I have used. With its noise cancellation feature it only picks up your voices and no background noises. This makes the audio clip nice and clear and sharp which is great for making YouTube videos and when you are in a Skype call. The microphone can be lifted up and down to position it right for you. One of the best features I love about the mic is when you lift it up it automatic mutes itself. This is so much better because you know don’t have to find the transmitter of the headset to mute it all you need to do it just left it up.

The audio quality on the u320 is amazing a well above the average headset. Whilst playing games you are able to hear every detail of the things that are happening around you. I especially love playing when bass booster is on because you hear the boom of all the explosions. The u320 is not only great for gaming but it is good for listening music and movies to as well. It brings out all the extra sounds that you don’t hear with regular headphones whilst listening to music and movies which makes the listening experience a lot better. Overall this is a great headset for gaming, movies and music.


Overall this headset is a great comfortable headset with amazing sound quality and a great microphone.  Although the price is quite expensive it still is a great competitor to the well know gaming headset brands and I would recommend it to everyone who has some extra cash lying around.



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  • david

    Great review ive been thinking of getting some sennheiser headphones for a while now might try get these ones