The Walking Dead: Episode 1 – A New Day

9 Overall Score
Story: 9/10
Graphics: 8/10
Gameplay: 9/10

Engaging Story, Zombies & Superb Dialogue

Jerky Cutscenes & Minor Flaws

The Walking Dead: Episode One – Video Review

 Written Review:

If you didn’t know already game is being developed by Telltale games and is based of the much known comic book series by Robert Kirkman. The Game is being released over a span of 5 episodes each ranging with approximately 2 hours worth of gameplay & is now available on the PC, Mac, Xbox360 & Playstation 3.

The Walking Dead Episode One – A new day, features the start of an apocalyptic zombie outbreak. You step into the shoes of Lee everett a family man but also a convicted murder on his way to prison… or so were told a convicted murder. After his first encounter with one of the games zombies he manages to escape from the police car he was being escorted in. He then runs into a little girl by the name of Clementine, seeing Clementine’s parents aren’t around when Lee arrives and well… the babysitter is a flesh eating zombies, Lee is forced with the task of taking  care of her and hopefully even re-uniting her with her parents. You then move trough the game fighting off flesh eating zombies, making tough decisions and finding a safe place to stay. One thing I loved about the story in episode one was that it didn’t take ages to get all the characters all that boring stuff introduced within 5 minutes you were blowing the heads off some awesome looking zombies.

If you load up this game expecting to run around Hershel farm with his unlimited ammo shotgun blasting the heads of zombies, then your most likely going to be disappointed. This game is all about choice, how you treat other characters and the type of response you give them will determine how the game runs. It is vital to always maintain conversation with other characters and always know what’s going on in  there head. In episode 1 you’ll be forced to make a few pretty tough life or death decisions. Often leaving you concerned weather you’ve made the right one. If you’ve played the game you’ll know cut scenes play a major role in The Walking Dead.

Dialogue is everything, like I mentioned before knowing how each character is feeling at certain points is crucial. Most of the time you’ll be listening to people talk then responding with usually one of the 4 optional response given to you. What makes it harder is that you only have a limited amount of time to respond to a question, but yes don’t worry you still get the beat the sh!t out of  a few zombies every know and again.
The control scheme in The Walking Dead is different to what were use to but in the end it works and that’s all that matters, it’s responsive and simple. In The Walking Dead you use your mouse you control a reticulel in the centre of the screen which is used to perform tasks such as selecting zombies to beat up, talking to other characters and scavenging for items such as food and ammunition.
The Graphics in the game look great and the performance of each of the characters is superb. The facial animations & voice acting in the game really play a major role in telling us how a character feels or their reaction to a decision you’ve made. You’ll get a few jerky cuteness here & there but its nothing to big to worry about it.

Overall I really enjoyed The Walking Dead Episode 1 and I’m really excited for episode 2. If you don’t enjoy decision making games then is game isn’t probably right for you, but I must congratulate Telltale games on an amazing job they’ve done and I hope it continues in future episodes. My only main issue with the game was that I couldn’t believe that a grown women didn’t know that a radio needed batteries to work. After you inspect the radio yourself your set with the task of finding some batteries,  but then to top that off she’s end up putting them in the wrong way forcing you to go back to her and put them in correctly. I know for sure I myself will be going back and playing through the episode few more times making different decisions each time, seeing where they will take me. The Walking Dead was great fun its a must have for any Walking Dead fan. Were giving episode 1 a new day a 9/10.


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