The Last Of Us – Multiplayer Tips & Tricks


The multiplayer in The Last Of Us can be a little tricky to mater, so here’s some tips on how you can improve your game.

  • Don’t load up the game thinking your gonna be going out guns blazing ‘Call of Duty’ style cause that’s not how the multiplayer works, the Last of Us multi is more about being tactical & in some instances stealthy. As you’ll learn the game doesn’t even give you nearly as much ammo to be running out guns blazing, ammunition is really scarce.
  • Stick with your team mates as much as possible, so if you go down you’ll have someone nearby to help you back up. The best thing to do would be to play with friends you can easily communicate with for if your ever by yourself & see two enemies heading your way, run the other way! A 2v1 situation will never work out in your favour. With that said remember your enemies will also travel in packs so if you down an enemy always check your surroundings before you go in for the execution for quite often you’ll find his buddy around the corner waiting for you.
  • You’ll find little boxes filled with items all around the map, grab as much stuff as you can from these boxes – they give you spare parts for crafting health packs, melee weapons and other dangerous and flammable items.
  • Remember the game doesn’t have regenerative health so health packs are essential. Make sure your in a safe place before you start healing yourself.
  • Like mentioned earlier ammo is really scarce, once you’ve run out you can scavenge more from the bodies of dead enemies of your points in the in-game store to buy more ammunition
  • Craft able items include Molotov, bombs and smoke bombs this items can be really useful during a game so always be on the lookout for the parts that allow you to craft these items
  • Combat in multiplayer just like singleplayer except when hurt your enemies will most likely run away finding items and crafting deadly weapons give you advantage of other players
  • Shivs let you instantly and silently kill opponents, perks can be chosen from the create a class menu that let you spawn with one shiv per round
  • The games radar detects sound so when you sprint you’ll show up on your enemies radar however moving slowly and crouching will mean you’ll show up on your enemies radar less often the game also features a ‘listen’ mode by pressing R2. it lets you see moving players in the area around you. not saying best player, just thought of some tips will plying to help some people maybe having trouble getting use to the game

Got any more tips & tricks you wanna share? Leave your tips in the comment section below…


The Last of Us – Multiplayer Gameplay


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