The Last of Us: Single Player Campaign’s Length Revealed


During a video interview with Naughty Dog’s Arne Meyer (Community Strategist for The Last Of Us) it was finally revealed how long the campaign will be in The Last of Us.

“We’re definitely looking at more than 12 hours, maybe 12 to 16 right now is what we’re looking at, it really depends on how you play. You can play a little bit slower if you try to approach situations stealthy, if you really wanna explore the environment and scavenge, that’s going to add more time too.”

DLC for The Last of Us was also mentioned in the interview and were told it “will only be multiplayer focused.”

The Last Of Us will be available June 14th worldwide on the PlayStation 3 & the full interview by EvolveEnt can be viewed here. Before you go let us know your thoughts on the game so far in the comment section below, will a 12-16 hour campaign satisfy you?


The Last of Us – Story Trailer:

Source: EvolveEnt



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  • mist of jupiter

    yes it will.

  • Evil Man

    12 hours at full price? F*ck NO!

    • Ritsujun

      Mad Man’s mad.

  • Jakob Wångö

    So if you compare it to God of war ascension , 12 hours is pretty good

    • Heavenly_King

      GOW:Ascension last 10hrs. And that is really good for an action game, because most of them just last 4-6hrs.

      • Sean Dherit

        God of War: Ascension was the worst God of War game in the series. It took me just over 9 hours to beat, which is fine considering most games in the series took me about 8, but it doesn’t forgive the fact that Santa Monica is milking the series and as a result produced a dull story and boring game.

        • Heavenly_King

          This is the Best GOW game yet easily.

          • Leo Garcia

            gow 2 remains the best gow of the series following with gow 3 deal with it.

  • Fawwaz M Yusuf

    Well if its only 12 hours, I hope the game has some extra modes or stuff to keep us interested, I don’t care how long the campaign is, what I care about is how much time I can get out of a game. Now Im not saying they should tack on multiplayer or something, but some kind of replay value would be nice, bayonetta’s campaign was 5 maybe 6 hours but I’ve been playing the game for 2 years because there’s so much to unlock and different diffficulties actually bring something different.

    • James

      They’ve already said there will be multiplayer in the game, they just haven’t shown it off yet, but if it’s anywhere near as fun as Uncharted’s, I’m sure it’ll keep us all plenty entertained.


    my mindset is rather have 12 hours of great gameplay (or even 6 for that matter) then 6 hours of great gameplay spread out with another 20 of filler. I hate wasting my time and these days can only finish a game that isn’t longer then 10…that’s what happens when you get old.

  • dakan45

    sure sure like many other games were…nope they werent.

  • Leo Garcia

    poor xcocks nabs still playing gaylo 4 and gears of nabs lol….their only IP’S this gen

    bring it on sony with the last of us

    beyond two souls






    i can continue but anw….have fun with kinect kids lololololololololololol

  • Leo Garcia

    who fcking cares how long it last
    its naughty dog we r talking about…the best video game company this gen (CONFIRMED) we all know the lat of us will be a masterpiece and will revive the survival genre,deal with it.