SimCity – Tips & Tricks

Build your dream SimCity, with these tips and tricks for both beginners and veterans.



  • First thing you’ll always want to do when starting new city is check wind direction for best place to zone industrial factories. Factories will create a lot of air pollution so you wont want that pollution blowing over onto your Sims homes.
  • Keep your water supply away from your dirty factories so it doesn’t get polluted, also be sure to check the density of water in ground before placing a water tower – you’ll want put in most dense areas possible.
  • Decide what sort power source your going to use, what’s going to power your city? Again be sure to check the data map for how much of the mineral is available in your city.
  • Use the road guides it’ll help you maximize the density of your city.
  • Hold ‘Ctrl’ when zoning to zone larger areas quicker and more efficiently
  • Sims will only spend money at shops if they drive past it, a good place to zone shops are along main roads or even between industrial and residential areas, so the Sims will drive past the commercial shops on the way to and from work.
  • Keep sewage plants as far away from commercial and residential Sims as possible & definitely not near water towers.
  • Leave space for major buildings especially City Hall don’t be boxing them in with roads to early, especially with City Hall you need space to expand your departments of education, tourism, transport etc. Same goes for when you build Hospitals, Police Precincts & Schools.
  • Always be checking your road density or high traffic areas, if you have got traffic problems look for ways of improving it by either adding more roads, interactions or implementing public transport. Traffic is something you won’t want to ignore – traffic will increase response times for emergency services as well as attract less tourists.
  • Be sure to place plenty parks for it makes Sims happy and increases the land value. The more expenses the park or nature area is, the wealthier the area gets.
  • When placing utilities a good order follow is Fire Station’s first (for fires tend to be the first disaster that will affect your city) then Clinic’s, Police Stations then a Grade School
  • Education is key – I recommend the department of education should be the first department you place. The smarter your Sims are easier things be for you as mayor, educated Sims will cause less fires and are less likely turn into a life of crime – so less stress on those two departments.
  • Place your Town Hall near Commercial buildings, and your Mayor’s House or Mayor’s Mansion in Residential areas for it increase’s the happiness & density of that zone.
  • Don’t be afraid of bonds, they can be really really helpful as long as you’ve got a steady hourly income you’ll pay them back.
  • Keep checking your income/expenses, if you see your spending to much money on something to something about it. don’t just watch yourself loose money.
  • Don’t be afraid raise taxes a little, playing with taxes can be tricky place to high and people will protest then leave your city.
  • Once you’ve built current city to extend & have no more room to expand, claim another city in your region and get to work. Remember your city can support other cites, you wont need to build everything over again, Power& Water can be bought from your other city, garbage trucks, police patrols, ambulances, fire trucks can also be borrowed from your other city to patrol your new city. Building airports and trains stations in cities will allow your Sims to travel between the cities - you can also share money between cities


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