PAX Australia 2013 – Ticket Giveaway!


Thanks to Shootmania Storm were able to send 2 lucky fans off to the Penny Arcade Expo (PAX) in Melbourne, Australia on July the 21st 2013. Unfortunately the tickets do not include travel, accommodation or spending money, just simply access to the exhibition on Sunday July the 21st, although tickets the PAX are now completely sold out, so if you were planning on going but missed out, here’s you chance. Interested? Here’s what you’ve gotta do to be in the running…

  1. In the comment section on the Youtube video embedded above answer this one question in the most creative way possible – ‘If you could be any game character for a day & have access to all their special or super abilities and powers, who would you be and what would you do?’
  2. We’d really a appreciated if you could follow us on Twitter & Facebook, as we’ll be posting updates regarding the competition as well as any other random stuff we do.
  3. We wanna try get this competition out there, so if you could click the link here to share this video on Twitter we’d greatly appreciate it.

Finally as we mentioned earlier this giveaway wouldn’t be possible without Shootmania Storm so feel free to check out the game now on Steam, as it came out only a couple days ago. We’ve played it ourselves, It’s really awesome, plus great fun when playing with friends so check it out for it’s only $20 on Steam!

shootmania-storm-220 (1)

Entries for this competition will in the next couple of weeks, a video announcing the winners will be uploaded to our Youtube Channel and a article will be posted on the site, so keep on the lookout for that.

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