Borderlands 2

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GAME NAME: Borderlands 2

DEVELOPER(S): Gear Box Software


PLATFORM(S): Playstation3, Xbox360 & PC

GENRE(S): Action/ Adventure

RELEASE DATE(S): September 18th 2012 (US), September 21st 2012 (EU)

The follow-up game to the 2009 first-person shooter Borderlands, Borderlands 2 was announced on August 3, 2011 & here’s everything we know so far…

The Plot:

Borderlands 2 is set five years after the events of the first game, Handsome Jack (game’s main antagonist) has taken over the Hyperion corporation and declared himself the Dictator of Pandora. He has stolen all credit for finding the treasured vault and and killing the destroyer. Your mission in Borderlands 2 will be to kill Handsome Jack & restore peace to Pandora.

[SPOILER] Borderlands 2 begins with the player fighting to the death to win a priceless cache of loot in a gladiatorial tournament run by Handsome Jack for his personal amusement. The player succeeds and gains notoriety, but Handsome Jack sees this as a threat to his popularity with the people. At the tournament’s end he denies the reward and leaves the player for dead in a tundra. The mysterious Guardian Angel from the first game then contacts the player and explains that Handsome Jack must be killed, directing the player to rescue the four original vault hunters from Hyperion’s clutches to accomplish this.

The original characters will make appearances in the game as NPCs, each with their own backstory. They will each give the player characters quests to complete, furthering the main storyline. It is also claimed that this time round the development team are taking the games story ‘more serious.’

Borderlands 2 – Come and Get Me Trailer:



The game will return to the setting of the first game, Pandora. Players here will find all new characters, enemies, weapons & equipment. The main concept of the setting wil remain the same but will we will see some pretty nice tweaks to the environment.



New Characters:

  • Axton
  • Handsome Jack
  • Maya
  • Salvador
  • Tiny Tina
  • Zer0
Handsome Jack 

Returning Characters: Characters returning from the original Borderlands game will not be playable, they will be returning as NPC’s in Borderlands 2.

  • Brick
  • Claptrap
  • Lilith
  • Mad Moxxi
  • Marcus
  • Mordecai
  • Roland



Borderlands 2 will feature four new player characters:

  • Axton (Commando) – A general combat proficient character with the ability to deploy an automated turret.
  • Maya (Siren) – A woman with the ability to Phaselock her enemies and control the flow of battle.
  • Salvador (Gunzerker) – A brute force master of mayhem with the ability to enter a berserk rampage armed with a gun in each meaty hand.
  • Zer0 (Assassin) – A mysterious individual equipped for deadly precision attacks, Zer0 can deploy a decoy and fade from sight.
  • Mechromancer - the character will be a mix of human and machine and will be able to control D374-TP (Deathtrap) robots.



  • Handsome Jack - the game’s main antagonist.
  • Skags – Very Dangerous Animal-like enemies that attack in larger groups and begin charging at you when close.
  • Bandits –  Bandits are the basic foot soldier of Borderlands 2. They carry the basic weapons, amour and meele equipment and some even climb on top of skags and ride them around.
  • Constructors –  Rare but massive robots that have the ability to build additional robot allies for itself at any time. Shoot it’s eye to score a critical hit they are also equipped with missiles, lasers and nukes.
  • Varkids – New type of enemy class in Borderlands 2. They have been described as mini-pterodactyl-esque and believed to only fly in swarms
  • Goliaths – Big, beefy warriors equipped with plate armour and powerful gatling guns. Shooting a Goliaths helmet off will cause it to go crazy and kill anyone near it, friend or foe.
  • Marauder bandit – a large thug who makes intelligent use of cover, retreating to find allies when significantly damaged.
  • Surveyors – floating Hyperion bots who can quickly restore their allies to full health and summon more robots such as WAR Loaders.
  • Nomad - a slow rotund bandit sporting a large metallic shield that protects his entire body. On their shields attached by a rope is a Midget.
  • WAR Loader – a large Hyperion robot that can rapidly fire missiles and bullets. Can be summoned by Surveyors.
  • Thresher – a gigantic worm-like creature that is fought in vehicles and can open more parts of the map.


Seeing that most of the community was unhappy with the driving mechanics from vehicles in the first game, Gearbox have decided to start from scratch and re-build the driving mechanics for Borderlands 2. Gearbox have said they’ve redone the suspension and physics of driving and have also added the ability to power slide will at the same time trying to keep it as realistic as possible. Also hitting a rock or any solid object won’t stop the vehicle dead in its tracks. The game will feature a ‘Party Truck’ where players will either be able to sit in one of the two seats in the back or take control of a turret up front.



Confirmed weapon classes for Borderlands 2 so far are:

  • Sniper Rifles
  • Rocket Launchers
  • Pistols
  • Sub Machine Guns
  • Shotguns
  • Combat Rifles

Borderlands 2 – “Wimoweh” Trailer:



Coming Soon.

Badass Ranking:

The Badass ranking system is a complete set of challenges players can aim to complete. Completing these challenges will earn you tokens that can be redeemed for perks that will be available for all of your characters. Tokens can be earned by doing things like; killing 100 skags, completing a mission without dying, etc.

After earning a token, your given the choice of five randomly chosen stat-boosting options. Complete list of options are:

  • Max Health
  • Shield Capacity
  • Shield Recharge Delay
  • Shield Recharge Rate
  • Melee Damage
  • Grenade Damage
  • Gun Accuracy
  • Gun Damage
  • Fire Rate
  • Recoil Reduction
  • Reload Speed
  • Critical Hit Damage



Creature Slaughter Dome -  is a pre-order offer available exclusively through GameStop in the US.

“Enter the Creature Slaughter Dome and face off against the toughest monsters in all of Pandora. Your efforts will not be in vain. Gain experience and gear to bring back into the main game. Endure the battle, and you will receive numerous rewards.”

Mechromancer -  the Mechromancer class will be available to download after launch. It will be free to download for those who pre-order the game, and at a reasonable price for those who don’t.

NOTE: No expansion packs have been announced as of yet.

Collectors Editions:

Two Collector’s Editions for Borderlands 2 have been announced, and this is what they include:

Deluxe Vault Hunter Edition

  • Borderlands 2 – The Game
  • Authentic Marcus Kincaid Bobblehead
  • 4 Exclusive Stickers
  • Map of Pandora
  • Comic Book Download
  • Inside the Vault: The Art of Borderlands 2 Hardbound Book
  • Bonus Digital Content

Price: $99.99 (USD), $118 (AU)

 Ultimate Loot Chest Edition

  • Borderlands 2 – The Game
  • Replica Borderlands Loot Chest
  • Creatures of Pandora Wide Format ID Chart
  • Field Notes from Sir Hammerlock
  • Numbered Certificate of Authenticity
  • Four Lithograph Postcards
  • Vending Machine Bobblehead Box
  • Four Sticker Set
  • Exclusive Steelbook Case
  • Comic Book Download
  • Authentic Mercus Bobblehead
  • Inside the Vault Hardbound Book
  • Cloth Map of Pandora

Price: $149.99 USD, £99.99


Trailers & Gameplay:

Borderlands 2 – Official Teaser Trailer

Borderlands 2 – Official Doomsday Trailer




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