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Dead Island: Riptide the sequel to Dead Island was officially announced back in June of 2012 that it was currently in development by developers at Techland Studios & that it will be released for the PlayStation 3, Xbox360 & PC on April 23rd, 2013. Dead Island: Riptide will feature new mutated zombies, dynamic weather systems, varied environments & new “hub defence” missions.

“Furious monsoon rainstorms have laid waste to the island of Palanai in the Banoi archipelago. Waters have risen and caused a flood disaster. Because of this and the raging zombie invasion, a rescue mission for the survivors seems to be without prospect of success. All hope seems to have been lost for the surviving humans.”

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GAME NAME: Dead Island: Riptide

DEVELOPER(S): Techland Studio

PUBLISHER(S): Deep Silver

PLATFORM(S): PlayStation3, Xbox360 & PC

GENRE(S): Open-World / Action / Adventure

RELEASE DATE(S): April 23rd 2013 (US) & April 26, 2013 (EU)



The game’s story picks up right where the original Dead Island game left off. In Riptide once again the four survivors Sam, Xian, Logan & Purna have found themselves stranded on a island known as Palanai, located in the South Pacific. The survivors thought they had escaped the zombie apocalypse after making it off the zombie infected island of Banoi (the location of the first game) but their fate just happened to take a turn for the worse. While escaping in a helicopter the crew landed on a military ship where, due to a raging monsoon and the fact that members of they crew had gotten infected, an all-new zombie outbreak occurs on-board. The virus then spreads throughout the crew and forces the ship to run aground causing the infection and nightmare to essentially start all over again.



 “Dead Island Riptide brings back the explosive mix of open-world gameplay, co-op first-person action and RPG elements to fans worldwide.”

  • Players can import their original Dead Island game character progression through to the sequel.
  • Level limitations between co-op partners has been removed, with auto-balancing for enemy groups being implemented.
  • Connecting to another player in co-op has been made simpler, where the game now automatically mentions if friends are logged in and nearby, letting them just jump into the player’s game.
  • Disconnections are handled more gracefully, and when people drop out of a group, there is a simple notification before a player can continue to play as they were before.
  • Players will not have to wait to get firearms until later in the game.
  • Firearms can be obtained early in the game.
  • Weapons will be more durable and last longer
  • New mutated zombies, including the Grenadier zombie.
  • Zombie spawning system has been altered and overhauled.



The four characters from the original Dead Island game will be making a return to Dead Island: Riptide, along with a brand new fifth playable character known as John Morgan, a hand-to-hand combat specialist.



New Zombie Types Include:

Drowner - A type of zombie that appear as lifeless corpses, submerged in water, but spring to life when a human walks nearby. They have similar characteristics of Walkers due to their ability to grapple and sprint.
Grenadier - Zombies that throw grenades at the survivors, they can also rip cancerous growths from its legs and lower body and throw them at the survivors.
Wrestler - They are large, buff zombies that use their large fists to slam the survivors inflicting a lot of damage.
Ogre – Characteristics Unknown.

In Dead Island: Riptide there will be more zombies on screen at any one time and developers have said they have completely overhauled the zombie re spawning system. Zombies will still reappear as a player returns to areas that they had already cleared, but the game is going to try and handle this in a more intelligent & complex fashion. The game will take into account if the player is on a mission, how recently the players last passed through, the character’s condition and whether the player is playing in a group or solo.



Dead Island: Riptide sets players an all-new island known as Palanai – part of the Banoi archipelago in the South Pacific. This new island comes packed in with a tonne of different and new environments. Some new environments include; forests, swamps, mountains, beaches as well as a dynamic weather system.

  • Environmental weather – A huge part of the engine overhaul has focussed on adding big weather effects which “ramp up the tension and atmosphere during pivotal battles”. The wind builds until it’s roaring at you through the speakers, the skies darken as the clouds close in and torrential rain starts to come down, reducing the distance the player can see and making survival even trickier.
  • The island is “vastly different from the one in the first game”.



Developers of the game have not yet announced any specific weapons for the game although from looking at screenshots we can see that players will be able to use;

  • Assault Rifles
  • Pistols
  • Shotguns
  • Axes
  • Spears
  • Shovels
  • Pickaxes
  • Boat Ores
  • Hammers
  • Crowbars
  • Cricket Bats
  • Machetes

We do know that in Riptide weapons will be more durable and will last longer.


Hub Defence:

‘Hub Defense’ is a new co-op mode in Dead Island: Riptide where players will need to strategically place traps, turrets & wire fences to fend off the waves of zombies for as long as their required.



It’s been confirmed that there will be boats in the game that will allow players to travel across to other islands, developers also said that zombies will have the ability to pull players out off the boat. No other vehicles have been confirmed although we can most likely expect there to be cars players can drive around the island’s on.



No DLC plans for the game have yet been announced, we’ll be sure to update you once that information becomes available


Pre-Order Bonus’s

Game Stop (America) is offering two different special editions of the game being the Special Edition – $49.99 US & Rigor Mortis Collectors Edition – $79.99 US

Special Edition Contains:

  • Dead Island: Riptide game
  • Alternate Character Skin
  • Pack of Weapon MODs
  • Digital Strategy Map


Rigor Mortis Collectors Edition Contains:

  • Dead Island Riptide Special Edition
    • Dead Island: Riptide game
    • Alternate Character Skin
    • Pack of Weapon MODs
    • Digital Strategy Map
  • Travel Suitcase Packing
  • Zombie Hula Girl Bobble Figurine
  • Severed Hand Bottle Opener / Fridge Magnet
  • Bungalow Key with Wooden Tag



At EB Games (Australia) you can pre-order the Dead Island: Riptide Survivor Edition – $88 AUS

Survivor Edition Contains:

  • Dead Island: Riptide game
  • World Exclusive survivor notebook
  • Exclusive Survivor Edition tin box
  • Exclusive Weapons Pack DLC
  • In-game character skins DLC



At JB Hi-Fi (Australia) you can pre-order the Dead Island: Riptide Steelbook Edition – $79 AUS

Steelbook Edition Contains:

  • Dead Island: Riptide – the game
  • Limited Steelbook Packaging
  • In-game character skins DLC





Gameplay & Trailers:

Dead Island Riptide – “They Thought Wrong” – Gameplay Trailer

Dead Island Riptide CGI-Trailer



So that’s everything we know about Dead Island: Riptide, if you’ve got any information we’ve missed let us know! So, are you excited for the game?

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