Xbox One


Microsoft’s next-generation console the “Xbox One” was officially revealed at Microsoft’s reveal event on May 21, 2013. During the event Microsoft showed off the physical design of the console, demo’d the consoles Kinect 2 entertainment features and gave us a little tease of what’s to come ‘games’ wise.

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Hardware Specs:


The Xbox One’s internal specs are as follows;

  • Optical Drive - Blu-Ray/DVD (Speed Unknown)
  • GPU - Custom AMD GPU
  • RAM - 8GB DDR3 (5 GB available to games)
  • CPU – 8 Core x86 Microsoft Custom CPU
  • Storage - 500GB HDD
  • Game DVR - Yes
  • Web Connection – Gigabit Ethernet, WiFi
  • Bluetooth – Bluetooth 2.1 (EDR)
  • Video Out - HDMI Input and Output & Optical Output with 4K Support
  • Audio - HDMI and S/PDIF optical,
  • Second Screen - Smart Glass
  • Cloud Storage - Yes
  • Mandatory Game Installs - Yes
  • Required Internet Connection – No
  • Backwards Compatibility - No
  • Used Game Fee – Yes
  • Subscription Service – Xbox Live
  • Motion Control - Kinect 2
  • Voice Commands - Yes
  • Live Streaming – Yes, With Twitch TV
  • Cross Game Chat – Skype



The Xbox One Console Design was officially revealed at the Xbox Reveal Event. Unlike the Xbox 360, the Xbox One console must sit horizontally it cannot be positioned vertically due to it’s air flow and venting design.


Ports & Connectors:

Here is a list of ports and connectors included in the Xbox One Console;

  • Blu-ray drive
  • HDMI in/outputs
  • Two USB 3.0 ports on the back
  • Ethernet port
  • Kinect sensor port
  • S/PDIF connector
  • IR Port

Further down the page you’ll find a complete gallery with plenty of pictures of the new console from Microsoft.


New Features:

  • TV on Xbox One - Navigate and watch live TV from your cable, telco or satellite set-top box through your Xbox One. Microsoft is committed to bringing live TV through various solutions to all the markets where XboxOne will be available.
  • Home - Turn on your entertainment system with two powerful words, “Xbox On,” and a custom-tailored Home dashboard welcomes you with your favorite games, TV and entertainment.
  • Snap - Do two things at once on the biggest screen in your home. Use Snap to jump into a multiplayer battle while watching your favorite movie, talk with friends on Skype while watching live TV, or track your fantasy team on TV as you watch the big game and more.
  • Skype for Xbox One - Specially designed for Xbox One, talk with friends on your TV in stunning HD, or for the first time ever, hold group Skype calls on your TV.
  • Trending - Stay on top of what is hot on TV by discovering the entertainment that is popular among your friends, and see what is trending within the Xbox community.
  • OneGuide - Find your favorite entertainment easily, searching by network, name or time, all with the sound of your voice and presented in a tailored program guide.
  • Deep Kinect Integration – The Xbox One requires Kinect to function. Kinect will be deeply integrated into the systems of the Xbox One, and will allow users to browse using voice and gesture commands through the Xbox One User Interface.


Gamescore Porting:

Microsoft has confirmed that users will be able to port across their Gamertag, Gamerscore and Avatar from the Xbox360 directly to the Xbox One. Harvey Eagle, head of Microsoft’s UK Marketing division said:

“Your hard-earned Gamerscore will port over, so yes you’ll take that with you. You’ll also take your Gamertag, your identity, with you. Whilst we’re making a much bigger bet on natural identity with the camera, Avatars will also feature as well. All of the gaming identity that you have on Xbox 360 will be there on Xbox One as well.”


New Controller:

The Xbox One controller has received a slightly altered design from the Xbox360 controller, although comes packed in with these new features;

  • Integrated & Flush Battery Compartment
  • Impulse Triggers
  • Wi-Fi Direct Radio Stack
  • Precision Directional Pad
  • Charge your Xbox One controller via mini-usb cable
  • A low power state will help conserve battery life when not in use


The “Start” and “Back” buttons that once appeared on the Xbox360 controller have been changed to “Menu & “View”

  • Menu - The Menu button (on the right) will bring up context-specific menus which game and app developers can design to enhance the user experience. The Menu button could be used in scenarios such as bringing up in-game menus, showing video playback options, and accessing commands on the console’s user interface.
  • View - The View button will provide you with more information in games and apps. Possible uses of the View button include viewing a map during a role playing game, displaying a leaderboard in a first person shooter, and enhancing the navigation of the console’s user interface.


Kinect 2:


Kinect 2 will feature an integrated 1080p camera, 30FPS colour, Time of Flight (TOF) technology, 1: 1 movement ratio and microphone arrays. The upgraded motion controller will process 2 gigabits of data per second and is said to be able to detect even the slightest of movements, such as the rotation of a wrist or shoulder.


Always Online Connection:

[UPDATE] After an enormous amount of controversy, Microsoft have reversed their policies with the Xbox One meaning it will no longer require a periodic internet connection.

The BIG question on every’s mind is, will Xbox One require a constant internet connection? The answer is No, although Xbox One will require a periodic internet connection, Xbox One will need to connect to the internet frequently to let you play games, watch TV etc. It will need to do so approximately once every 24 hours.



Here is a list of all the confirmed games so far for the Xbox One, click on a game to view it’s official Xbox One trailer.

  • Forza Motorsport 5 — Turn 10
  • Quantum Break — Remedy Entertainment
  • Assassins Creed IV: Black Flag – Ubisoft Montreal
  • Battlefield 4 — EA
  • Call of Duty: Ghosts – Infinity Ward
  • Destiny – Bungie
  • The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt – CD Projekt RED
  • Watch Dogs – Ubisoft Montreal
  • The Crew — Ubisoft Reflections
  • Dying Light  – Techland
  • Star Wars: Battlefront
  • FIFA Soccer 14 — EA
  • Madden 25 — EA
  • NBA Live 14 — EA
  • Need For Speed: Rivals — EA
  • Ryse – Crytek
  • Thief — Eidos Studios Montreal
  • EA Sports UFC — EA
  • Wolfenstein: The New Order – MachineGames
  • Zumba Fitness World Party – Majesco
  • Fantasia: Music Evolved – Harmonix
  • LocoCycle — Twisted Pixel
  • Skylanders: Swap Force – -Vicarious Visions
  • Titanfall – Respawn
  • Below — Capybara
  • Trails Fusion 

The following  games have not been specifically confirmed for Xbox One, although have been announced for “next-gen consoles.”

  • The Evil Within – Bethesda
  • Human Element – Robotoki Studios
  • Whore Of The Orient – Team Bondi
  • Cyberpunk 2077 – CD Projekt
  • Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain – Konami
  • The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt - CD Projekt RED
  • Rainbow Six: Patriots
  • Mafia III
  • Doom 4 



User Interface:

Here are some images of the new UI that the Xbox One will feature.


Xbox One – Home


Xbox One – TV Guide


Xbox One – Trending



Release Date:

At the end of the Xbox One announcement Microsoft confirmed for a holiday 2013 release for the Xbox One. It’s not yet known whether the Xbox One will have a same-day worldwide release or it will be released in different countries in stages over a period of time.




Price & Bundles:


The Xbox One will be released in November 2013 for $499.99 in the US, 499.99 Euros in Europe & $549 in Australia.


A range of of different bundles have been announced at various retailers, check out all the various bundles here.



Games & Accessories:

  • Xbox One Disc’s
  • Xbox One Downloads
  • Used Xbox One Games (Comes with a fee)


  • Xbox 360 Disc’s
  • Xbox 360 Downloads
  • Xbox Disc’s



  • Netflix
  • Hulu Plus
  • Vudu
  • Amazon Instant Video
  • Crackle
  • Crunchyroll
  • NHL
  • Epix
  • ESPN
  • Redbox Instant
  • Vimeo
  • HBO Go
  • NFL Sunday Ticket
  • Max Go
  • Showtime Anytime
  • LoveFilm
  • Cinema Now



  • Xbox Live
  • Youtube
  • Facebook
  • Skype
  • Internet Browsing (Internet Explorer)
  • Blu-ray / DVD’s





If you missed the Xbox Reveal event, you can watch it in full here.